Emma Pass on her appointment made this statement:

“When approached to get involved with Star Foundation, I was immediately interested in the project. The benefit the program can have on children is immeasurable. The scheme is so simple and rewards communities for looking after their own community.

As a professional athlete I understand how hard it is to get to the top, and the hard work isn’t the only thing you need. Luck is a major factor. If we can help make sports facilities, equipment or even transport easier for that one athlete to get their lucky break then we are making a difference. Support that enables communities to help themselves often has a greater benefit than just giving Team, School or Community groups money.

By involving local groups schools and sports clubs to in a community to support a local person or club, then the community has more ownership of the program and will continue to support and sustain the scheme. As an International athlete, there is no prouder moment than pulling on the uniform and stepping out to perform for your country, if we can find just one young person that has the potential to achieve this, then this scheme is a success.”