Quote from a StarActiv8 participating School:


“I would like to thank yourself and the Star Foundation for the excellent two days!

The collections brought considerable donations, and the activities for the children were excellent! Combining the collections with an exciting activity is a brilliant idea! Our school has benefited both financially from the collections as well as creating a great buzz amongst the pupils. Thanks again!”


                                                           Matthew Baxter Headteacher Coton-in-the-Elms CE Primary School

Raised for schools/clubs/organisations, including FREE swimming in your community:


Total Tonnage of recycled unwanted items saved from landfill:

754,561 tons



The Star Foundation strives to provide funding for young people, giving them the opportunity to experience some of Europe’s best sporting/creative facilities and activities.


The Star Foundation will be looking to provide individuals that show potential and determination the equipment and in some cases the funding to allow them to attend and participate in their chosen sport or chosen career field.


The Star Foundation will be liaising with affiliated schools nationwide providing direct sponsorship to youngsters with recognised potential. We intend to aid families in need of help, giving their sons and daughters, that have shown potential and determination, a chance to build on this and full fill their dreams.


The Star Foundation concentrates on all areas of our society, specifically underprivileged areas, this includes all religions and minorities nationwide.

The Foundation believes that no matter where you come from, what your beliefs are, or what your disabilities are, should you have any, we are all equal and one of many. This is about optimising individual potential and about evolving a positive future.


Through the collective efforts of the community, the funds generated through our recycling campaigns will create new opportunities within sport, general exercise, and the arts for young people from a multitude of backgrounds making their dreams and ambitions more affordable and obtainable.


Again, this instils levels of confidence and self worth that enables them to aspire to a productive and positive future. Teamwork only works if the individuals concerned are true to themselves and those around them, which will create a much greater social focus and awareness.

“With The Star Foundation making available funds for sponsorship

to young people so more are able to enjoy physical and creative activities

in their own local community, all raised by recycling unwanted items,

great news for local communities, young people and the environment.”

                                                                             John Regis MBE, Olympic Gold Medallist

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